What our Customers say...


We had a flood 6 stories above our unit that we did not know about for a week. SERVPRO of Metro Pittsburgh East came out took care of our damage that was starting to grow mold. Demo was done quickly and we passed the post test.

Dan was very knowledgeable in dealing with our mold issue we had in the back pantry. Highly Satisfied.

I run a banquet hall in Monroeville, PA. SERVPRO does our monthly floor maintenance and takes care of our carpets. Their prices are reasonable and they do an amazing job.

Thank you for such prompt service!

Your professionalism is first rate!

After we had a fire in the kitchen, SERVPRO came out and got it cleaned up in no time!

The techs that came out explained everything very well to me. They were just wonderful!

This was a fantastic company to work with in getting the storm damage fixed in my house. I would endorse them to anyone needing their repair services. While I do hope never to need there services again, it will not be because of their company they were tremendous!

"Special thanks to Manager Pete, your help was very much appreciated when insurance was being difficult with our loss." 

"Mold is a terrible problem to have within your home, and everyone did such a great job at letting me know the process, and making sure my belongings were taken care of."

I had mold in my master bedroom wall and made the mistake of calling a contractor first.. Ben was able to answer all my questions and even if he didn't know the answer he found out and got right back to me. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Monroeville to anyone in need of this type of service. They even charged me less than the original quote which was a nice surprise after such a yucky thing to have happen. I would give them more then 5 stars if possible!!

Happy customer here. Dan worked quickly to inspect, clean up mold and dry out some water damage that happened as a result of a plumbing issue.  Matt and Ken did the clean up and dry out work. They were professional and did a great job.  I could tell after their clean up job that the wet moldy smell from the water damage had gone away so I'm confident that they took care of the problem.

An undetected water leak in my kitchen sink cabinet lead to damage to the entire cabinet and revealed the evidence of mold:

My HO Ins. does not cover mold remediation, so the cost of treatment and cleanup of the mold was going to be on my nickel. I am a single senior female so the prospect of a big mold bill was a very big concern for me.

I called a plumber to fix the leak, and my next call was to SERVPRO of Monroeville and they were out to my home first thing the next morning. Leo worked with me on the estimate and really helped me save on costs.

Thank you Harold and Pete for your services. Highly recommend SERVPRO. 

Fully satisfied with Mike and his team. They were ahead of schedule the entire time.

I work for a property management company and SERVPRO of Monroeville is my preferred choice in remediation companies. They are safety-conscious, knowledgeable, and do a great quality of work upon which I and my entire clientele can depend.

Wanted to write to express my sincere gratitude for Pete and SERVPRO after my house was left damaged by Hurricane Irma. I cannot say thank you to them enough for everything they did for me and my house.

After Hurricane Matthew we were left with severe water damage, SERVPRO called me on their way into town and by later that day, we had estimators scoping our house, and work being performed. I really cannot express the gratitude I have for Pete and his team, because during the worst of times, we felt like we were getting our life back. 

Dan was very knowledgeable in dealing with our mold issue we had in the back pantry. Highly Satisfied.

We had a flood 6 stories above our unit that we did not know about for a week. SERVPRO of Monroeville came out took care of our damage that was starting to grow mold. Demo was done quickly and we passed the post test.

Dan was prompt to answer, helpful, friendly and came to inspect the damage within 30 minutes of getting in contact with me. I strongly recommend his services!!

I encountered a flood due to washing machine hose, I must admit I was very overwhelmed with this being my first water damage. I called SERVPRO and instantly felt at ease, Dan was very knowledgeable and sympathetic to my needs. His response time was unbeatable, there was a crew at my home within 2 hours. The crew was professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable. They worked very hard, they were courteous, clean and timely, they also kept me informed from the beginning to the end of the process.

SERVPRO made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Pete allowed me to make decisions while educating me and guiding me to what needed to be done. Having no clue on what was to be done I felt at ease with his advice. SERVPRO was fast and restored my home to its original state. Highly recommend! This company was a pleasure and will definitely be using them in the future.

If you're in need of honest, professional, and reliable help when tragedy or problems arise stop looking and call these guys. I had a major mold problem in an apartment rental and the crew and staff at SERVPRO were at my door within two hours AT MIDNIGHT ON A FRIDAY to help with air scrubbers, cleaning, and problem solving. The crew that showed up were well trained professionals, took care not to damage my home further, cleaned up the mess, and cleaned up after themselves.

I came home to a leak in my bathroom that had saturated the ceiling, walls and floor and created a real mess. I called SERVPRO who arrived extremely quickly and ready to help. They assessed the situation and walked me through the entire process from the initial clean up and treatment to how they would work directly with my insurance company to handle billing. There team worked efficiently and were professional and courteous the entire time.

I am writing this letter to thank all of those responsible for the coordination, supervision and implementation of the restoration performed at our Church.

As you know, the project involved drying and cleaning the areas affected, repairing the ceiling, painting, and putting the "finishing touches" on the walls, pews and carpeting. The job was coordinated quickly, efficiently, reassuringly and with negligible inconvenience. We are very grateful to James Teti and those with whom he works.

"This was a hard process to go through, but we appreciate all the hard work that was put into getting our building back into business faster."

Client Satisfaction Survey: "Would highly recommend to others, SERVPRO technicians were polite, fast, and knowledgeable."

Client Satisfaction Survey: "I called Jim who went to another job and told him nothing was happening, and he was extremely attentive and kept me informed." (water damage due to dishwasher)


Client Satisfaction Survey: "Everything was handled greatly. Very good service!!"

Hurricane Matthew Storm Damage

"Our local SERVPRO was damaged quite badly after Hurricane Matthew, and we were unsure of how long we were going to be stuck on wait lists for help, but SERVPRO corporate connected us with Metro Pittsburgh Storm Team, and they started working on our flood damages right away. I couldn't be any more pleased with their results."

"SERVPRO staff was kind and knowledgeable, I would highly recommend Abbey and Jermaine."

Email Kudos: "Hi Lynn & Harold, I just want to let you know Jermaine and Chad did a fantastic job on the MUM kitchen floor. They worked very hard on it. Thank you for sending your "A" Team!!"

-- Karen Marci

"My office caught on fire, so not only did I have fire damages, but it also sustained water damages from the Fire Department putting it out. I called SERVPRO in the middle of night and they connected me to a manager who came and secured the board up of my windows, and crew was out the next day. My office was up and running the next week."

"My husband started to have terrible allergies and asthma, SERVPRO came in and cleaned the entire house, our air ducts, and made sure we didn't have any mold. My husband could feel the difference in his breathing almost immediately. We will now be using SERVPRO for an annual cleaning."

Adjuster from Homesite Insurance received a call from his client. The insured stated that all of the SERVPRO crew members that have been helping out with their loss have been "great". The person stated that the building owner was rather difficult to work with, however, "SERVPRO crews didn’t back down and took the time needed to do the job correctly."

Client Satisfaction Survey from a joint job of two SERVPROs:

"The entire SERVPRO staff from management down through the labor were well trained, organized, and professional! It was a pleasure to work with all concerned. Many thanks to Pete, Ben and both of their crews!"

Letter Received: "The Regional Trail Corporation is very grateful for your cleaning services for our Visitor's Center. Your staff provided exceptional cleaning in a very respectful and non-intrusive manner. West Newton Station is a major stopping point for users of the Great Allegheny Passage and having a newly cleaned station is a plus for our visitors."

"SERVPRO came to my rescue so fast. My free estimate was done within the day I called and service started that night, just as requested. My home was done in time for my daughter's birthday party."

Ms. Butka called the General Manager of SERVPRO Metro-Pittsburgh to comment on our South Hills Marketing Representative Adam Boehm:

She stated she has been an insurance agent for many years, and is accustomed to her day being interrupted by various vendors. Today she was visited by Adam and was extremely impressed. Ms. Butka said Adam had a wonderful personality; and was very sincere when speaking and listening to her.

Client Satisfaction Survey:

"My husband and I highly recommend this SERVPRO team, they were knowledgeable, polite, and worked with our insurance company every step of the way." 

My home is also my office, so when water damage affected my entire first floor, I was nervous about how the timeline for repairs would disrupt my work. SERVPRO staff, Jermaine and Pete, did an amazing job at making sure everything was organized and under control throughout the entire process, and I couldn't be happier to have my home and office looking better than ever, in such a short time.